Commercial Solutions from EZ Dock Montana

Marinas. Camps. Fisheries. Hotels. Restaurants. Whether you want to develop a small dock for a swimming area—or build a complex marina with boat lifts, water and shore power—EZ Dock’s innovative modular floating dock systems offer exceptional durability, adaptability and scalability.

EZ Dock Montana - Housing Developments

Housing Developments

EZ Dock Montana provides a variety of docks for housing developments as well as walkways, lift systems and other components which can help your residents enjoy the water more. At the same time, EZ Dock offers great value for the owners of the property.

EZ Dock Montana - Marinas


EZ Dock Montana products are big hits with marinas because they provide a great return on investment. They are stable, thanks to their connector couplers, and are durable thanks to their rotomold technology. They will not rust or leach paint into the water, and they require less maintenance when compared with other dock solutions.

EZ Dock Montana - Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Many top hotels and resorts in the country and around the world already have EZ Dock systems. EZ Dock from EZ Dock Montana is an ideal solution for resorts and hotels and one of the best investments you can make. Each innovative product offers guests an even better experience at your resort or hotel by enhancing all their favorite waterfront activities, including swimming, boating and PWC.

EZ Dock Montana - Camps


EZ Dock Montana offers a variety of docks for camps as well as lift systems and walkways. If you have a camp, EZ Dock from EZ Dock Montana is the best investment you can make for your property. Our dock systems for camps are made from polyethylene, which is highly durable. Even with varied weather and many campers, your docks will stay strong.

EZ Dock Montana - Events

Special Events

Waterfront events present a variety of different challenges that you’d never have to worry about with land-based events. EZ Dock floating platforms from EZ Dock Montana provide a unique solution and can help you execute your event to perfection. Whether you need a temporary boat dock to accommodate additional vessels before a race or a floating platform to serve as an unusual seating experience for guests, officials or judges, EZ Dock docks are the perfect solution.