Residential Solutions from EZ Dock Montana

If you have a home on the water, you want to make the most out of every minute of fun, whether you love swimming, boating, fishing or other activities. EZ Dock modular residential docks are completely customizable and environmentally-friendly dock solutions that let you enjoy more water fun with less maintenance.

EZ Dock Montana - Residential and Vacation Homes

Residential & Vacation Homes

Choose from our EZ Ports®, floating docks, walkways to make your waterway accessible and fun to use. Our residential docks for your waterfront home or vacation home allow you to spend more time on the water, because we make it easier to hop on your boat or watercraft and go.

EZ Dock Montana - Swim Platforms

Swim Platforms

Our swim platforms for lakes are designed to be slip-resistant. Slip-resistant texture is molded right into the surface, helping to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents. Grooves in the surface sluice water away, meaning no standing puddles of water when swimming.

EZ Dock Montana - Family Boater

Family Boater

The family boater has unique boating needs. Parents, grandparents and children alike all need easy access to the boat or personal watercraft for boarding, fueling, maintenance and covering. The EZ Dock drive-on boat lifts, Sea Doo docks and PWC floating docks, as well as the EZ Dock floating walkways provide all those conveniences and more. 

EZ Dock Montana - Fishing Enthusiast

Fishing Enthusiast

Your dock can make a big difference in your overall fishing experience, and can even help you land that big catch. Whether you’re looking to fish right from the dock, or use it to dry-dock your boat, EZ Dock Montana products can help.

EZ Dock Montana - Kayakers & Canoers

Kayakers & Canoers

Both experienced and new kayakers and canoers face some challenges when they approach docks. Most docks are built for larger watercraft which make it a challenge to get in and out of a kayak or canoe. 

EZ Dock Montana - Jet Ski / Waverunner

Jet Ski / Waverunner

Whether you’re new to PWCs or have been on the water since childhood, you’d probably rather spend more time having fun on lakes and waterways and less time fussing with docks and launches. If that’s the case, EZ Dock Montana has the solutions you need.

EZ Dock Montana - Paddleboarder


Stand-up paddleboards (SUP) are a great way to explore a variety of different watery environments. Launching off, however, can be tricky, especially for beginners with little experience. Floating paddleboard docks by EZ Dock ensure a smooth transition on and off the water, regardless of your skill level.