Industrial Solutions from EZ Dock Montana

When you have a tough, important job and need heavy-duty industrial docks to get it done, you can count on EZ Dock from EZ Dock Montana. EZ Dock Montana has been supplying industrial modular dock systems and motorized barges for military applications, industrial use, job sites and heavy-duty jobs for more than 26 years.

EZ Dock Montana - Floating Work Platform

Floating Work Platforms

EZ Dock’s Floating Work Platforms from EZ Dock Montana for On-Water Construction are the durable and highly flexible floating work platforms that help you get the job done. Strong and durable, they are rugged for many commercial and construction applications and can be customized for your specific site.

EZ Dock Montana - Equipment & Material Barge

Equipment & Materials Barges

EZ Dock modular dock products are ideally designed for temporary transfer station docks, equipment and materials barges. If you need materials barges floating docks, EZ Dock Montana offers a variety of products.