EZ Dock Montana Configurations

Our modular docks can be configured in unlimited ways, including rectangular, L, I, U, and T-shaped configurations, among others.

All configurations can be customized as needed. We have a team ready to help you create the dock and water area you’ve always wanted—just let us know your vision, and we’ll work to create a custom solution to meet your requirements. With easy installation, it’s simple to get a dock that lets you make the most out of every minute on the water.

Our dock sections are molded to be durable, slip-resistant and low-maintenance.

A slip-resistant pattern is molded into the top, making these docks safer than wood or concrete for your bare feet. Our materials are made to last, with no need for repainting or maintenance for rot and splintering. Our docks are more durable than traditional wooden floating docks. Wooden docks are stiff and inflexible in harsh weather, which increases the risk of damage. In bad weather, EZ Dock sections move independently, making your system stronger and more resistant to damage. This flexibility allows EZ Dock systems to withstand the harshest of weather and the toughest of storms. Our dock systems are easy to install. All you need to do is join each section with our innovative couplings and tighten the bolts. Your dock will be up and running in no time, providing a perfect spot for boating, fishing and swimming.

Design your dock online.

The EZ Dock Designer is a 2D/3D software tool that you can use in your browser. It allows you to build a 3D model of your dream dock. After you complete your dock design, you can save it, share it, or request a quote from EZ Dock. You can try out the online tool here: https://rebrand.ly/brqm6n7

Configurations available include

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