Special Event Solutions from EZ Dock Montana

Floating docks are an excellent way to get your waterfront ready for its next big event. A dock from EZ Dock Montana is a great option for any water-related event where you need to support additional guests or visitors. These adaptable floating platforms can also provide extra room, giving guests or event staff a unique view of the waterfront action. Our durable docks, safe platforms and accessories, sturdy gangways and environmentally responsible products last year after year and look great with any waterfront.

Perfect Solutions for Any Event

Waterfront events present a variety of different challenges that you’d never have to worry about with land-based events. EZ Dock floating platforms from EZ Dock Montana provide a unique solution and can help you execute your event to perfection. Whether you need a temporary boat dock to accommodate additional vessels before a race or a floating platform to serve as an unusual seating experience for guests, officials or judges, EZ Dock docks are the perfect solution.

You can use a temporary dock in many ways:

  • To accommodate extra visitors at a party held in your home or at the cottage.
  • To host a special sporting event, such as a ski competition, golf tournament or triathlon.
  • To host boat races, fishing competitions, in-water boat shows or other water-based events.
  • To launch fireworks from a lake or the water.
  • To serve as a swim platform or kayak launch for your summer camp.
  • To add a unique element to waterfront weddings, engagement parties or family reunions.
  • When you expect increased foot traffic at your waterfront business.